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Our Mission:

Keeping older adults connected with the people who care for them

How it Works
High-Tech communication disguised as a friendly piece of paper

Print text messages that are sent from:

  • Cell Phones
  • messageQube
    Website App
  • Smart Phone App
  • The handy Phone Book feature identifies the sender and prints their name and number. This feature can also be used to restrict messages from only people listed in the messageQube user's Phone Book.
    *IMPORTANT – The messageQube only prints pictures sent from the Free messageQube Web App and Mobile Apps
  • Buyers receive a free administrative Web App to control preferences, the Phone Book and other content. Anyone can set up a free Web App account to send a variety of information to loved ones, including pictures and personal notes. It even keeps a log of all messages sent from the Web App.
  • Download the free iOS and Android mobile apps to easily send pictures and personal notes to loved ones' messageQubes.

    Free Downloads:

    Google Play   Apple App Store
communicate last minute plan changes with the messageQube
use the web app to send text messages to the messageQube
use the iOS app on iPhone to send text messages to the messageQube
How it Works
A simple wireless device that lets users print text messages, personal notes and pictures

The possibilities are endless as to what you can send to the messageQube. Stay connected to loved ones and give them the gift of happiness.

  • A Loving,
    Personal Note
  • Birthday & Anniversary Reminders
  • Medication
  • Exciting
    Family News
send a loving note with the messageQube
birthday reminder SMSs on the messageQube
medication reminder messages are available on the messageQube
announce family news via text message on the messageQube
How it Works
About as intimidating
as using a toaster

The ultra-simple messageQube text-printer. Just plug it in and you're ready to receive easy-to-read printed messages from family and friends.

  • No networks to set up.
  • No ink to buy.
  • Paper is easy to load.

If the user can operate a toaster, they can use the messageQube. Studies show connected older adults stay happier and healthier.

what is easier to use than a toaster?
The cost is low.
The benefits are priceless.

Family and friends stay connected with loved ones for less than seventy cents per day!

a loving message for Grandma

buy the messageQube now

Who could put a price on the value of a well-timed message that keeps loved ones' spirits high for the day?

Personal notes... birthday, anniversary and medication reminders... you're only limited by your imagination!

messageQube Price:   $199Monthly Subscription: $19* Shipping: $9


*Commercial use: $49/month

you get all this when you buy a messageQube
Pictures, sizes and a spin
      1 of -
    • Product Images
    • Replacing Paper (video)
    • Replacing Paper (images)
    • an upclose view of the most unique gift for the elderly
    • the rear view of the text messaging device for the elderly
    • open lid view of the messageqube text messaging device for the elderly
    • get printed text message prescription reminders on the messageqube text messaging device for the elderly
    • send happy birthday messages on the messageqube text messaging device for the elderly
    • step 1 of replacing paper
      With red light flashing, touch the top blue bar to open paper compartment
    • step 2 of replacing paper
      The used paper spool is empty
    • step 3 of replacing paper
      Remove the used paper spool
    • step 4 of replacing paper
      Replace with new paper spool. Hold end of paper coming from under spool (as illustrated)
    • step 5 of replacing paper
      As spool grasps side tabs, slightly pull paper forward
    • final step of replacing paper
      Hold paper taught, close lid to lock paper in place
The messageQube runs on the Sprint network. Click the 'Data' tab on the Sprint Coverage Map to check coverage.
detailed pictures of the messageQube text messaging device for the elderly
360 Degree view
  • Dimensions: 4.2"h x 4.2"w x 4.9"d
  • Weight: 2.3lbs
  • Paper: Thermal Paper (shipped with one roll of paper)
  • Power: 110v
  • Wireless Carrier:Sprint (CDMA)
    • FCC Certified
    • Free online web application and mobile app for iPhone & Android
    • Phonebook feature prevents SPAM messages
About Us
Our Story.

It's quite simple. The inventor of the messageQube, Rob Sweeney, wanted a way for his family to Mother and SonMom & Rob easily communicate with their 82 year-old mother who did not use email or text messaging. He crafted a simple device that would print text messages in his mother's hospital room.

Her spirits were lifted immediately as pictures and messages came flowing in, coinciding with research performed by Rob and his team that showed elderly people who stayed in touch with their community lived longer, happier lives. Rob increased his efforts to develop a better version of the device now known as the messageQube, and the final design came to life just over a year later.

Now it's easier than ever to communicate with the elderly people in your life.

Made in the U.S.A.

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